“Your sacred space is where you can find yourself over and over again.” -Joseph Campbell

for many years I would travel the US, Canada and Mexico to teach mixed media art workshops and sell my handcrafted wares, gypsy trunk style…..

my little etsy shop is my virtual gypsy trunk of my creations and fun vintage treasure I have found on my adventures.

my blog is a photo journal of my day to adventures and creations.

my artwork portfolio documents many of my different creations over the years….

 my narrative: in general my work is about bringing something into the world that enhances and elevates the environment in which it lives. Much like magical charms and spells of intention that give voice to our inner makers/magicians and collective histories.

 about me: (how about some 3rd person?) Karen Michel is a mixed media Artist and Author of books and articles who creates work from recycled and repurposed materials, mojo and sunshine. Born & raised in New York, she escaped to the mountain desert for a moment in time and has since returned to the sea shore. She ran a not for profit visual art center for kids for over 12 years and has taught mixed media art workshops throughout North America.
When not creating, you can usually find her & her 2 little ones hunting for seashells and buried treasures.

the last name? it’s pronounced (me-shell)

you can also find me…..

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