Collage in Color eMag!

Ok, I’m hooked- I love the idea of emags! how you are able to link to pages, videos and sites within the articles makes it all seem so much fuller & not to mention the whole green aspect too- using less resources to create & distribute information all resonate deeply with me.

So with that said, I am LOVING Cloth Paper Scissors new Collage in Color eMag!

from their site:

The new Collage in Color eMag presents an interactive look at adding color and texture to your collage work. New and well-known artists bring their tips, tricks, and favorite techniques to you through slideshows, videos, interviews, and photographs that you can pan and zoom. The ability to enlarge a picture to exactly the size you want, to see the smallest of details, and the opportunity to play a tutorial again and again as you work along in your studio space, are just a few of the great benefits of Collage in Color.

In this issue you’ll get an artist interview with the amazing Alisa Burke, plans for a collage art party, three new Video Vault tutorials for image transfers, a lesson in torn-paper painting, and so much more.

Don’t just read it, experience it! Explore Collage in Color with great features like:

  • Get to Know…Your Brayer with Barbara Delaney
  • Collage Layers from the Heart with Cindy Wunsch
  • Stamping in Collage with Julie Fei-Fan Balzer
  • Watercolor Monotypes for Collage with Helen Shafer Garcia
  • The Green Studio: Fabric-collage Journals with Jill Russell
  • And so many more!

With 19 videos, interactive slide shows, and lessons in color theory and collage tools, Collage in Color is the perfect new studio tool. Download this amazing eMag today and add some color to your world.

& I close the eMag off with a Make it Quick article on wood collage.

So go check it out! There’s different versions for Mac, PC & iPads.

Hope you enjoy it as much as I did!


ps- i disabled my blog comments as I have been slammed with so much irrelevant spam in these past few weeks… if you want to comment on anything you can always find me on facebook, flickr or via email! ♥