Handmade Holiday Tags & Ornament

karen michel - handmade holiday tagsIt’s all in the details…. I’m carrying on the tradition of a handmade holiday by making these embellished gift tags can be tied on to a gift and also doubles as an ornament which can be used again and again for years to come.

Making these gift tags is quite fun & a great way to destash, just poke through your paper collage stash or download some of my printable collage papers. I created a bunch of large collages using manila folders as my backing and layered my papers on with mod podge (I prefer the matte or satin finish). Once the mod podge was completely dried I stamped on some large polka dots using a cylinder shaped foam block from my kids toys box (something like this) dipped with white acrylic paint.

Once completely dry (this can vary depending on how many layers you applied from 1-3 hours) you can begin cutting the papers down to size. I started by cutting them into long strips and then making the smaller slices. I then dipped an edge on each new card with either gold metallic paint or glitter and set to dry once again.


My final touches were done using my sewing machine. I framed the edges by stitching all the way around and then stitched on a variety of either fabric, lace or ribbon top loops. For added sparkle I added a small piece of metallic silver pipe cleaner for some extra festive vibes :)

karen michel - holiday tagsUse the backside of the tag to write a little note to the recipient, or a blessing or fun shared memory from the year. It will become a tiny time capsule in years to come of the special bonds we all share with one another.

So…. i did get a little carried away with the process and made so many of them that I added a bunch to the shop! feel free to take a peek here >>—>

Happy holidays and I hope yours are magical & handmade ♥

Handmade Holiday Tags & Ornament