about the Modern Mystic Workshop Series

In a modern world lacking contemporary myths and ceremonies we must be proactive in finding and/or making our own rituals, prayers and objects of personal power.

Adding a contemporary twist to the traditional brings it to our modern world in a tangible, cohesive way while connecting us to our collective past.

I’ve created the Modern Mystic Workshop Series as a platform for sharing the ways in which I have created a place for the sacred in my own life. I plan to keep adding new workshops to the mix each month so stay tuned….. & I hope you enjoy them as much as I do!


★ my narrative: in general my work is about bringing something into the world that enhances and elevates the environment in which it lives. Much like magical charms and spells of intention that give voice to our inner makers/magicians and collective histories.

Karen Michel is a mixed media Artist and Author of books and articles who creates work from recycled and repurposed materials, mojo and sunshine. Born & raised in New York, she escaped to the mountain desert for a moment in time and has since returned to the sea shore. She ran a not for profit visual art center for kids for over 12 years and has taught mixed media art workshops throughout North America. When not creating, you can usually find her & her family hunting for seashells and buried treasures.

the last name? it’s pronounced (me-shell)

visit  www.karenmichel.com for lots of artful eye candy 🙂