July Workshops in California

I thought I would take a moment to spotlight one of my upcoming workshops this summer at the beautiful IDYLLWILD ARTS in Idyllwild, California, July 22-24, 2011.

Wood Collage TotemsOn July 22nd I will be teaching my MIXED MEDIA WOOD COLLAGE TOTEMS Workshop

In this workshop we will create our own personal mixed media totems, exploring the idea of using art to create objects of personal power, to evoke and inspire magic and inspiration in our daily lives and spaces.

Just bring along a handful of varied objects you have been collecting that speak to you and we will craft them into personal and unique works of art that sing your personal story using a variety of mixed media applications.

This is one of my favorite workshops to teach as it is the perfect marriage of 2d and 3d. And as an added bonus we will also be making our own paints from earth pigments to further infuse our pieces with a bit of extra good mojo.

Next up on July 23 & 24 is a 2 day workshop, GREEN ART JOURNALING for the MIXED MEDIA ARTIST.

In this 2 day workshop we will explore the idea of mindful & sustainable art making through the practice of art journalling (classes can be taken together or separately).

Day 1: The Recycled Fused Plastic Artist Journal

In this workshop we will explore making our own beautiful journals from everyday recycled materials, including including collaging and fusing ordinary plastic shopping bags to make our journal covers. Inside pages will be bound with remnant papers you have laying around your work area (don’t forget to check the junk mail pile for fun patterned envelopes!). Simple bookbinding techniques and embroidery will be explored for embellishing our covers.
By the end of the day everyone will have created their very own beautiful art journal made completely from recycled materials.
note: we will be fusing the plastic bags at a low heat, so there is NO off-gassing or stinky fumes!

Day 2 : Inside the Green Artist’s Journal: Paint making & Altered Photo Documentaries

GREEN ART JOURNALING for the MIXED MEDIA ARTISTArt Journaling is fuel for your creativity & in this class we’ll explore different ways of working within the books pages.

We’ll start by exploring how to mix up earth friendly paints and adhesive recipes from scratch from materials such as plants & minerals (and even items that may already be in your pantry) using and documenting our creations within our new journals pages.

GREEN ART JOURNALING for the MIXED MEDIA ARTISTIn this new age of digital photography we have all become advid photographers with hundreds of photos to prove so. Let’s integrate these photo documentaries of our lives into our journal pages. We will play with a variety of fun ways to alter the photographs & integrate them into our journals.

I taught at Idyllwild last year and had a wonderful experience and their facility is both inspiring (surrounded by the beautiful wild woods & fabulous. I hope you’ll join me!

You can visit their website here: IDYLLWILD ARTS