13 students

Art Journal Resurrection EcourseIn this workshop we will begin with an old art journal that has been tucked onto a shelf or buried in a closet or drawer because the contents no longer resonate with our current being. Through the ceremony of preparation we will release the old heavy energy by making structural repairs (if necessary) and washing over the pages (or elements of the pages) with a visually cleansing paint recipe of our making.

Lightening up & releasing the old makes way for the new. Revisiting the old also helps to resolve old creative energies that can be redirected but also honored. We will also mend and tend to any damages that time and use can cause making it nice and shiny again!

I also share drawing, painting and collage techniques that I like to work with in my personal practice that will begin to transform the old into new.

The end result: a journal reborn, a new incarnation of your creative practice. A living library of art journals!

+ This workshop is self paced & is delivered as a Video e-course, with video instruction.
+ Most materials can be sourced at your local craft store or repurposed with things found around your home. Let’s try to repurpose as much as possible!
+ All workshops are final sale (no refunds)



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